Mark ( is EMI's Director after close to four years in the role of  EMI’s Deputy Director.

During his time as Deputy Director Mark’s focus has been on the delivery of major EMI strategic initiatives, financial and HR management, and marketing and promoting the EMI - both internally and externally.  He plays a central role in liaising with multidisciplinary networks across UWA, nationally and internationally to create opportunities for collaboration and valuable partnerships.

Prior to starting  at UWA Mark was the CEO of the WA: Energy Research Alliance.  He has extensive experience in joint-venture R&D management, major infrastructure and collaborative research programs.

Mark is enthusiastic about developing new ways of engaging UWA’s unique expertise and facilities with stakeholders in industry and the community in order to tackle the major energy, resource and environmental challenges of our time.

Follow Mark on twitter @markstickells

Other EMI Members

Vicki White

Administrative Officer

Dr Megan Clark

Dr Megan Clark

Chair, EMI Board of Trustees

Nicola Holman

Communications and Marketing Coordinator