UWA and DSD are working globally to take advantage of the opportunities for interaction with countries on our doorstep. Together we can exchange knowledge in the dynamic Asian region that we live in.

There is a natural complementary trade between Australia and Japan, both of which are also blessed with relative geographic proximity.

Ako MimuraChairman, Nippon Steel

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The Department of State Development provides leadership to drive responsible development for Western Australia's future.

Working closely with industry, communities and government agencies, the Department delivers significant State initiatives and facilitates major resource, industrial and infrastructure projects.

It also works to attract strategic investment to Western Australia, assist the development of export markets, and enable the development of strategic industrial land and infrastructure.

As a partner of In The Zone, the Department of State Development is a principal sponsor of the global conference series.

The University of Western Australia, via the Energy and Minerals Institute, initiated In the Zone in 2009 to stimulate internationally significant policy debate led by West Australian thought leaders in the business, government and academic community. 

With Western Australia ‘in the zone’, the conference’s key objective is to stimulate debate on the public policy, geopolitical and business challenges facing Australia and its major trading partners in China, Japan, India, South Korea and South-East Asia.

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DSD also supports the Australian Centre for Natural Gas Management (ACNGM) that provides excellence in international executive and management education within Australia and throughout Asia.

This was established by the University of Western Australia and Curtin University in 2005.