Professor Petra Tschakert Professor Petra Tschakert joined UWA as a new Centenary Professor in Rural [...]

Winthrop Professor David White Professor White is the Shell EMI Chair in Offshore Engineering. His [...]

Professor Susan Gourvenec Susan specialises in seabed engineering and leads a team which develops seabed [...]

Professor Eric May Professor May is the Chevron Chair in Gas Process Engineering and one [...]

Assistant Professor Edward Cripps's expertise is in the area of statistical theory and applications. His [...]

Professor Yves Potvin is the Director of the Australian Centre for Geomechanics at UWA. He [...]

The modelling of complex systems and processes underpins all challenges in Engineering for Remote Operations [...]

Winthrop Professor Lorenzo Faraone heads UWA's Microelectronics Research Group which is recognised as a global [...]

Zachary Aman is a Research Assistant Professor at UWA's School of Mechanical and Chemical Enginering. [...]

Winthrop Professor Xiao Zhi Hu is UWA's Advanced Materials Team Leader within the School of [...]

Assistant Professor Wenhua Zhao In his role supported by the Shell EMI Chair in Offshore [...]

Professor Mark Reynolds heads UWA's School of Computer Science and Sorftware Engineering and joint leader [...]